Retailers, Are you giving Your Customers the convenience of Omni-Channel?

Get Retail Pro Prism – the enterprise retail management software that takes you to the next level of omni-channel e-commerce retailing.

Retail Pro Prism

Point-of-Sale, Inventory management, Loyalty and much more - all in one!

Designed to exceed today’s demanding retail environments, Retail Pro Prism molds to your unique business needs, ensuring you can focus on the business matters that are most important to you.

Feature Rich POS

Next generation, feature rich software so that you can focus on your business. Run it offline or in the Cloud!

Real Time Metrics

Day-to-day reporting or Analytics for Decision Making - we've got it covered with built-in standard Retail KPIs.

Smarter Promotions

Get creative and increase average customer spend with promotions that keep shoppers coming back.

Customizable Workflows

Custom UI, workflows and add-ons - Retail Pro Prism isn't just a product - it's a platform! You extend it the way you want!

Unify Commerce

Integrated inventory and customer data gives you a more accurate picture of sales performance online and in-store.

Auto Replenishment

Accurate inventory management even when you're offline! Achieve optimal stock levels and reduce lost sales with auto replenishment utilities.

Stars of the Month

The team that makes it possible!

Sadia Khalid

Business Systems Analyst

Arslan Ali

Team Lead

Mishaal Malik

AM Business Ops

Syed Kashan

Software Engineer

Abdul Rauf

Retail Pro Specialist

Ersa Sultan

Software Engineer

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