Retail Pro Pakistan Client Diaries

Hear it from retailers directly!

Retail Pro Prism helps retailers save costs, increase efficiency and build healthy customer relationships! Take look at how some of the leading Pakistani retailers are making effective use of Retail Pro…

  • Chase Up - The Grocery Challenge
  • DVAGO - Pharma at its best!
  • Chen One chooses Retail Pro!
  • Retail Pro Serves Pepsi Dining, LUMS
  • Chase Up Conducts Retail Pro CRP
  • LUMS Retail Pro Prism Upgrade
  • Retail Pro Service Excellence Award 2019
  • Ehad - Leading the Revolution!
  • CSP Wins Top Retail Pro 2020 Awards




Computing Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is an authorized business partner of Retail Pro International in Pakistan. Retail Pro is the world's leading retail management and point-of-sale software solution that powers thousands of top retail brands across the world and in Pakistan.   Copyright © 2017-20 Computing Solutions (Pvt) Ltd - part of the Taar Consulting Group.

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